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DeerLab is a comprehensive free scientific software package for Python focused on modeling, penalized least-squares regression, and uncertainty quantification. It also provides specialized models and tools for the analysis of dipolar EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance) spectroscopy techniques such as DEER (double electron-electron resonance), and others.

DeerLab’s Key Applications#

  • Modeling of dipolar EPR signals

  • Uncertainty quantification of dipolar EPR signals

  • Multi-pathway modeling support

  • Comapactness criterion to improve background selection

  • Global fitting of multiple datasets simultaneously

  • … and much more!

Getting Started with DeerLab#

We have a User Guide that explains how to install and use DeerLab. In addition, we have a set of examples that demonstrate how to use DeerLab for various applications, from basic to advanced.

In addition, there is both a cheatsheet that can be downloaded and printed for quick reference, and a online workshop that covers the basics of DeerLab.

Workshop 2023 @ EFEPR